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Lend. Empower.


10-25% - for borrowers and investors

We're passionate about a UK where everyone who can afford a low-interest loan can access one. Plend matches lenders who want to make a difference to borrowers looking to tell their story.

A fairer future. Together.

Picture a UK where everyone who can afford a low-interest loan has access to one.

You deserve better than backward-looking credit scoring that labels you 'Subprime'.

Plend connects you to a new generation of investors who value you as a person, not just your rate of return.


Good intentions,


Earn attractive rates of 10% - 25% on your investments. Make a difference to someone in the UK looking for a fair loan.


You're more than a credit score

We'll lend to you based on what you can afford right now, not penalise for your past credit history.

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How Do We Compare?

*(Based on an average loan amount of £2,000 repaid over 24 months - adjusted for 2020)

Representative APR*

Funds Paid

Early Repayment Fee

Total Due

Total Cost

49.99% APR

Same day

100% of Interest outstanding



28.20% APR

Same day

100% of Interest outstanding



16.76% APR

Up to 1 Week




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Plend is a trading name of Plend Limited (Company No. 12581855) incorporated in England & Wales with a registered office at:

Floor 3, 6 Churston Close, London, SW2 3BX.

Please note: in advance of our public launch in June 2021, this site is strictly for marketing purposes only. Plend intends to provide a "Loan-Based Crowdfunding" solution subject to FCA approval. Please note that services currently available from Plend are not FCA regulated. 


Loans are subject to status, affordability and verification, the rate and fee you pay will depend on your lending profile in line with Plend's Responsible Lending Policy. 


Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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