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Affordable Credit through Crowdlending

Plend is a Social Lending Marketplace, providing a platform for low-cost loans for the 74% of us that are currently unable to access affordable credit

A fairer future. Together.

Picture a UK where everyone who can afford a low-interest loan has access to one.

You deserve better than backward-looking credit scoring that labels you 'Subprime'.

Plend connects you to a new generation of investors who value you as a person, not just your rate of return.


Three reasons to Plend a helping hand:

The UK’s first Social Lending Marketplace - upload your photos, tell your story and offer your lending opportunity on our marketplace

Plend provides individual credit scoring based on what you can afford right now - instead of punishing you for past mistakes

Our lower operating costs mean we pass on better returns to our investors than the competition

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Team Plend

“Trad credit scoring isn't fit for purpose. You shouldn't be penalised for how many times you've moved house, for not updating your electoral register, or for mistakes you made five or six years ago.

—  James, CTO